One thing I can say is that having every photographer’s website at my fingertips is wonderful. We have many shoots all around the country in small towns. The Internet is the only hope I have in finding photographers in these areas of the country.  There’s also nothing that impresses me more than when I meet with a photographer to review his or her book and an iPad is pulled out. It just makes viewing a photographer’s work so much easier and it shows that the photographer likes to keep things simple.

— William Morel, Photo Editor at Country Living

via Wonderful Machine Photography Blog.

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  1. I’ve been using an iPad for meetings for the past year, and people love it. It’s quick, easy to use, looks good, and can be hooked up to a projector if need be. Easy to change pictures on a per-meeting basis, too. And you can show video or other multimedia if need be, too.

  2. While I’m sure it’s great for this person, for every person that says I love websites and iPads vs traditional books, there are 3 people who say “I need to see prints.” Certainly not one size fits all, thankfully.

    Btw, Wonderful Machine has youtube videos of many of their photographers printed books. Love that.

  3. I agree with Anthony, everything I read is usually creatives saying they much prefer printed books to an iPad… but everyone is going to like what they like. I think as we go on in time there will be less and less printed books going around.

    The last line in the bio on my site give my opinion on the subject.

    And why must everything be “easier”. Some things are worth the effort.

  4. I know people on both sides of the fence who argue that the iPad is better or that they refuse to stop printing a hardcopy of their book.
    I still haven’t jumped on the iPad wagon as of yet- but am seriously considering doing some sort of dual digital/printed portfolio. You either embrace change or you get left behind I suppose —

  5. You’ve seen one iPad, you’ve seen them all. IMV, the iPad makes the images look hyper real. That’s ok if that is your thing, I guess. Me? I want clients to smell the leather of my book and touch the Moab Matte paper within it.

    Nice quote, Jeff. May I borrow?

  6. Both books and ipad portfolios have their uses for different situations. And it depends on the book too… an ipad may well be better than a cheap book with glossy drop in sheets.

    I have a book with a hardwood cover and double sided moab paper in it for formal presentations. It takes time, money and craft to make good prints. You can’t go wrong with attention to care and detail like that when wooing big opportunity clients.

    I also have an ipad that shows supplemental work, and for “hey can we meet tomorrow” meetings. Obviously, if you’re showing video, this is a good way to go also.

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