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Editor-in-Chief / Creative Director: Stephen Gan
Photo Editor: Evelien Joos
Consulting Creative / Design Direction: Greg Foley
Art Director: Sandra Kang
Design: Maryellen McGoldrick, Jeffrey Burch

Photographer: Damien Blottiere

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  1. I like it. Very cubist, or maybe neo-cubism even.

  2. LOVE this! Beyond the cubism is the texture! LOVE

  3. Interesting. Had to look at it a few times before I decided me likey.

  4. Unique, creative, lovely the cubism interpretation with the background I never saw anything like this before
    Greets olympic 2012 apartments

  5. I LOVE this

  6. These are pretty amazing. They take what would have otherwise been pretty standard studio shots to a whole different level artistically.

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