I don’t like to hurt people. I go after something and I start pointing the camera at somebody, looking for those hard, edgy things I know I am going to find. My pictures will be out of bounds in terms of the convention of how this person wants to be represented. It gives me pause. I don’t feel I have the right to do that. But I do it nevertheless. After all, a picture is not a murder. It is simply a moment which suggests so many things.

via A Moment With Larry Fink – NYTimes.com.

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  1. A picture is not a murder …
    But there are ‘killing’ pictures :-)

  2. at times the hardest thing about my photography, is editing my shoots, but the hardest part still, is being edgy or finding that additional something.

  3. I think for a starting photographer like me is recognising opportunity and dealing with inertia.

  4. “I don’t distort. I comment honestly and make pictures of my perceptions. The celebrity is but a person to me. I see them within the primary moment. I try not to have previous assumptions. Each moment is the only moment that we have. We have to enter it without prejudice and with the thought that it may be the last one. The photograph is an attempt to give the perception of the moment some relationship to immortality.” (I would change it to say “to: life , moral or immoral.”)

    I don see the privacy barriers that people will impose on themselves and project onto others who should join them in erecting sacred barriers.

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