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Creative Director: Bernard Scharf
Design Director: Sandra Garcia
Art Director: Wendy Scofield
Photo Editor: Whitney Lawson
Associate Photo Editor: David Alexander Arnold

Photographer: Andrea Wyner

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Heidi: How does an assignment like this come up? Were you already there?
Andrea: I was getting a lot of work in Italy and Europe, I was already traveling  and splitting my time between NY and CA so I decided to add a base in Italy too. Yes, I was in Italy.  My assistant and I were so excited , he always wanted to be a Pizzaiolo and learn from the best.

Did you travel with the writer?
Not on this assignment but sometimes yes.

Did you have more then one feature to shot while you were there for the magazine?
I was actually on another assignment for T&L, a feature in Sicily when they asked me to shoot Pizza Quest

Roma or Napoli?

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  1. Nice assignment, nice layout. Looks good.

  2. delicious photos!

  3. Great work on a fun looking assignment!

  4. reminds of some of the pizza joints in Phili

  5. Most definitely Napoli.

  6. L-O-V-E the photos! They make me want to eat and travel Italy!

  7. Great photos, full of life, they spark a physical and emotional desire for pizza and Italy!

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