More than any other USPS customers, publishers are feeling under the gun because USPS claims it loses money on the Periodicals class. Its latest numbers show that Periodicals revenue covered only 74.9% of the class’s costs in Fiscal Year 2011, down slightly from 75.4% in FY2010.

via Dead Tree Edition.

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  1. That because the USPS sucks at delivering mail no matter the class. Three days is the new standard for a business letter mailed to one zip code away? I’d rather drive it it the 10 miles and spend $3.50 on the gas so I know it’s going to get there when I want.

    Maybe they should invest in green vehicles with lower operating costs than continuing to use archaic delivery methods.

  2. Hi Ed, I understand your frustration. I worked for the USPS and have to tell you that because of an unusual mandate put upon the Postal Service by it’s Board of Governors, the USPS must put aside Millions of dollars annually. This is something no other government entity is tasked with. Supposedly it is to fund future retirement benefits. The UPSP is trying to run a service that has it’s hands tied behind its back with this debt overload. The amount in this fund is in the billions. Terrific cutbacks in personnel have caused many of these changes you are experiencing, as are we all. The USPS has wanted civilian members on the Board. The Board won’t allow that. Members of the Board decide what happens to the USPS. The Postmaster General must kow-tow to them. Postal workers, customers, and concerned folks in the know have railed against the Board. It is composed of corporate leaders, big business men etc. No regular folks who might bring some sense and sanity to the table. There is a bill to change this unnecessary and brutal mandated loss of revenue. If passed, the USPS would be well in the black and be able to staff according to need right now. This slush fund is dipped into by the government since it’s sooo huge. As an employee I remember being so frustrated at the decisions from on high that usually made absolutely no sense and were totally counterproductive. It ain’t the employees or management. Blame your correct frustration on that piss-ant Board. I’m sure most of them want the demise of the Postal Service and all the duties going to private companies who will surely make big money on our backs and you will really see services cut and prices skyrocket. And these so called captains of industry will be happy they have accomplished their goals.

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