people with a voice and the people with a vision do what their instinct says

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When people are being true and honest, even if they don’t obey the rules, people respond to it. There’s no replacing A, talent, and B, fully inhabiting that talent and doing what you think is a fucking good idea. There’s no replacing that.

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  1. There are those who can fake “not obeying the rules in a true, honest way, faking talent and faking fully inhabiting that talent.

    Words like those quoted above my be instant relief for the soul. But when you think about it: if it was that easy to spot real from fake there wouldn’t be so much fake around.

    I remember a documentary about an artist who could fake a dozen modern artists just like that. As long as you didn’t know the painting, it would just look great and honest and an expression of real talent.

    Taste will never be easy. Not only the artist has to have talent, true expression, the viewer has to have that, too. Or he will fall for all the real and true looking fakes.