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Design Director: Sean Johnston
Photography Director: John Toolan
Associate Art Director: Kim Eddy 

Photographer: Plamen Petkov
Food Styling: Roscoe Betsill

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Heidi: I see you have a bit of beauty and more feminine still life in your work, was this a challenge for you to shoot masculine food?
Plamen: It is never a challenge when the food looks appetizing, I want the viewer to taste the picture, to see what I am seeing.

What was the hardest part of this shoot?
The hardest part was not letting it become overly-stylized, keeping it slightly messy but still attractive.Β It needed to look like it was prepared in a cabin without too much emphasis on presentation, we all strove to make it look incidental yet appetizing.

It’s great styling, what kind of direction was discussed?
Mostly we discussed texture and color, having worked with Roscoe before was a plus.

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  1. Did a great job on this, when do we eat?

  2. Very nice, it all works together – concept, lighting, styling and page design. Enjoyed the little interview as well, that’s not something we can get anywhere else.

  3. Lovely lighting that really brings out the texture without being too harsh. Great work!

  4. such lovely work & Plamen is a joy to work with!

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