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New York Times Magazine

Design Director: Arem Duplessis
Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan
Art Director: Gail Bichler
Deputy Photo Editor: Joanna Milter

Photographer: Brian Ulrich

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  1. nice tear sheet, very interesting

  2. Maybe it’s just the scan, but I can hardly tell what I’m even looking at here.

  3. Sorry, can’t tell what it is either. Maybe a dog with Christmas lights??

  4. It appears to be a warmed over version of Larry Sultan.

    • classy, way to get into the holiday spirit.

      • Rob, You are right. It was a dick-headed move that I regret. I owe Brian Ulrich this apology for being gratuitously flippant and rude. Apologies for e breach of decorum.

    • I thought you meant that it is literally a warmed over image OF Larry Sultan.

      I laughed.

      I can’t tell what it is so I am going with my version of your version.

  5. I saw this pic in print in Sunday’s Times. It really is a fine photograph.

  6. Great shot. Love that he says that his light display is a vision of how he feels at the holidays…merry and bright and sometimes blinky.

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