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  1. Once I followed the rabbit hole down to the original gist of this, how does one apply this to editorial shooting? Should one list their pricing if one is an editorial style photographer/multimedia journalist type?

    • Editorial fees are so low as that I consider them to be advertising that happens to send me a check (after a long fucking time). I get a blog post out of it, and maybe, if I’m lucky, some good images.

      Listing prices makes more sense if you’re doing the same thing over and over and usage is well defined, or not an issue. Weddings fall into this. Headshots, portraits, events with PR usage etc. Advertising and corporate work that has varying usage… does not make much sense to list.

      I’ve always favored the ‘rug merchant’ model of selling. I don’t even talk about money until I’ve had a good chat with the client and discussed ways to tackle their project. If I could, I’d buy em a drink. There’s plenty of know-little bozo’s that put up a website with a few pictures and will bid under their cost because they don’t know what they’re doing. You have to demonstrate to a client that you’re better, and that’s why you’re 5 times as expensive as Photo Joe. Even then though, many people just won’t find it worth the extra cost. C’est la vie. Some people want a Mercedes on a Hyundai budget.

      This is all a chore at times, which is why I prefer working with agency art producers. Makes life easier.

  2. To List or not to list, that is the question. Well maybe not in those words exactly. You get all kinds of opinions of whether to list what you charge or not. and basically three schools of thought regarding the subject. Yes , no, and only if you are comfortable with it.
    I think listing prices is the lazy way of doing business and is a declaration the photographer is not comfortable in negotiating what they are worth. I do have to agree that you can loose a lot of business since people will either think you are too expensive or cheap based on their perception without delving beyond the dollar signs. Listing prices limits the ability to sell who you are. JMHO

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