“Entertainers try to please their audience – artists do what they do and the audience comes to them. I don’t think about my audience whatsoever.”

Suddenly I felt like a cheap carnival hawker. Not only do I consider the audience for my work, I confess that I aim to entertain. Is this pathetic? I guess it depends on the definition of entertainment.


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  1. A great thing to overcome, I think. Thanks AS and RH.

  2. AS confession that it is his purpose, sure why not. I am not sure if it intentional of an artist to be entertaining . I ponder if Renoir and Monet intended the series of paintings they did sitting side by side on the shores of the Seine were meant to be entertaining.

    I think every artist at some point creates something with the forethought and direct intention of being entertaining. Every artist has their agenda of influencing the world through their perceptions of it written, visually, or otherwise.

    Me, I want people to be moved emotionally, think about their life. To me it is intentionally a desire to be entertaining, so more will come to see the stories I have written and created.

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