Did that experience prove you don’t have to be in New York to have a magazine career?

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I didn’t know if you could have a successful magazine career outside of New York. It was an experiment. It helps to be here. There’s an awful lot of talent here. But one of the things it taught me is that there’s talent all over. We found tremendous photographers all over the South.

via Adweek Q&A With Time Inc.’s Lifestyle Division Editor Sid Evans | Adweek.

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  1. Sid and Maggie Kennedy (PE) were the first people to ever give me a national magazine job when I was living in Alabama. They were great people and very easy to work with. I wish Sid all the success he deserves, and hope Garden & Gun will still stay strong.

  2. Ha, this is the proof that you need to be in NY if you want to have a successful career or you need to wait for an experiment that somebody will note you. Tallent is everywhere, but that’s not enough, isn’t.

  3. Maggie is the best. She threw her support behind a long-term project of mine and it helped me move forward with it. She is a great photo editor and Garden & Gun is a fantastic magazine!