The 2011 Magazine A-List

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Here’s the annual Advertising Age list of hot magazines for 2011:

No. 10: The Economist
“increased its paid subscriptions another 5% in the first half and grew total paid circulation 3%”

No. 9: This Old House
“custom video series for Walmart, Home Depot and Jim Beam helped increased digital revenue 25% year over year”.

No. 8: The New Yorker
“single-copy sales rose 1.2%, despite a $1 price hike”

No. 7: National Geographic
“Newsstand is up 5%; ad pages are up 14%”

No. 6: Monocle
“Revenue is rising; profitability arrived last year”

No. 5: Vanity Fair
“99% of Vanity Fair’s subscriptions are paid for directly by the subscriber”

No. 4: Garden & Gun
“ad-page growth on a tear, circulation still climbing and a National Magazine Award for General Excellence”

No. 3: Food Network Magazine
“ad pages through October surged 13.8%”

No. 2: Time
“16.1% newsstand gain”

The Magazine of the Year: Vogue
“increased its January-to-October ad pages more than 9% — to 2,125”

The Editor of the Year: Tyler Brule, editor in chief and chairman, Monocle magazine
“Monocle charts the media trend that’s e-free, profitable and going global.”

The Publisher of the Year: Kim Kelleher, worldwide publisher, Time

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  1. Hearing, again that the Economist does not credit photographers angers me to the point that I wish I had a copy to take and put it where it belongs!
    If I could get into the editors office that is! My personal policy is that if I don’t get a credit for an editorial shoot/use, I first send a reminder pointing out their ommission. But if it happens again with the same publication, I bill them for commercial useage. And if that means I never hear from them again, then that’s ok by me, I don’t want to support people that have so little respect for contributors, and just use us up!

  2. Well I hope that increase in Ad pages at Vogue represents advertisers realising they need more than look-books online to sell product; they need some great pictures that sell ‘what the buyer desires’, and that of course that requires great photography!

    Its about time sellers started to wake-up to the idea that its not enough to have your widgets available (thank-you internets); you still need to SELL them too !~)