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American Way

Design Director: David Radabaugh

Art Director: Samuel Solomon

Photographer: Frank Ockenfels

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  1. Love Frank’s stuff. Pics looked good a mile away. : >

  2. Like.

  3. Just scrolling to the second image with that “contact sheet” style and brush strokes, I instantly knew who shot it. Further scrolling down just confirmed it.

    Something to be said about having a distinctive style, it’s immediately recognizable.

  4. Favorite one of these so far. And I second JS, I instantly knew who shot it.

    Well done.

  5. Great images! Nice job Frank!

  6. Cheers to Heidi and Rob for featuring a great edit by a great photographer. Frank Ockenfels 3 is one of the best; proud to say he shot this here at The Focus Studio in Venice Beach.

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