Shot entirely on a Cannon 5D Mark II, photojournalist Danfung Dennis’s film Hell and Back Again has been racking up the awards (2 at Sundance for best doc and cinematography). And, while I’d seen the crazy footage from the front line that had appeared on PBS I hadn’t seen the trailer for the movie until I found it on the Apple trailer site (here).

Looks like he turned some compelling war time footage into a well rounded story. The film is opening this fall and needs help in getting it to as many theaters as possible so spread the word if you like what you see.

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  1. Rob, it’s Danfung’s film is coming to Seattle for the SIFF film fest in November. You’re right; war time footage into a well rounded film. Many congrats to Danfung and thanks to his subjects for being vulnerable and sharing their story.

    All you Seattle folks: let’s help get this film into mainstream distribution!

  2. Look forward to seeing it on the big screen Danfung.


  3. I am more interested in the story than what he used to shoot the film. I think everyone is quite aware that you can create exceptional work with the DSLR’s that are capable of capturing motion. I think it is important to know this had to have been a well writen story to film and put it together.

    I am looking forward to seeing it.

  4. That film looks amazing.
    Please fix the spelling of Canon in the opening line.

  5. I hope the film’s better than the trailer. Seems an awful lot like a stereotypical war hero story. Seriously, what’s with the cheesy music?? Is it supposed to be a documentary or a Michael Bay film?

    The quality of the footage looks pretty good, though. It’s definitely visually compelling.

  6. I’m digging it. I’ll let my friends know about it… maybe something good can come out of it. ;-)

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