Lately the pace of magazines announcing the folding of their ink on paper editions while continuing to publish on-line has increased. To those folks I have three words: YOU ARE DEAD. There is no ifs or buts about it. YOU ARE DEAD. Any magazine, that existed in ink on paper, and cannot survive in its original medium is DEAD.

via Mr. Magazine.

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  1. What the pace of new magazines being started up with the right business model for the day?

  2. Do not agree with this. It’s not the magazines who decides where to publish. It’s the reader who has changing habits and now uses PC and iPad more than his reading table. Media should survive, that’s it. And for that they need to embrace the actual audience. If people stop read paper, it’s not the media fault.

    BTW I am a scientist and it’s been a decade or more since I used printed copy of a journal. We just print out PDFs.

  3. Advertising monetizes content and on-line advertising rates still greatly lag printed rates. Most industry studies show that printed advertising is more effective, which is largely why the rates are higher.

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