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  1. hilarious.

    thanks for the chuckle, my Monday morning needed one

  2. also why does everybody except me have ..what..??? haha

    • lightsabers?

      • oh ye… hey! i don’t have a lightsaber as well!!!! rip off.

  3. I think that I just heard the screams of millions of Soccer Mom’s.


    This message is endorsed by tcphoto.

    • Ummm…you spelled ‘moms’ incorrectly…and it’s not capitalized. What is this world coming to?

      • shut up andrea you dumb B

        • Franklin don’t be a big pr***

  4. “That one episode of House” (had to watch twice to get that one) — ha.

  5. Ah ah ah ah ah !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    right to the point! By the way, when someone spends hours on photoshop – or Gimp! -, trying every possible kind of filter in the hope to create “a great picture” he’s the same kind of marketing victim, is’n’t she?

  6. gotta love the internet.

  7. Vincent Laforet has ideas???

    • Tim- please post your full name with your site, so the buyers can see your ideas. If your ideas are better than Vincent’s you shouldn’t be hiding behind that name “tim”. Post your real name so you can get more exposure. If people are hiring Vincent, with his non-ideas, all they really need to know is who you are so they can hire you for your brilliant ones.

      Why do people think they have to bring other people down to bring themselves up? It simply doesn’t work that way.

  8. funny to see the focus shifting at all the wrong moments- adds to the irony!

  9. Nice to see an Aussie outing the whole ‘you can make a movie’ BS. Same goes for still photography too BTW!

  10. Hahahahhahahah

  11. I couldn’t stop laughing after watching this… hilarious!

  12. Yeah this is great for another laugh and watch it again. If I show this to the public to I neeed to get a release or pay royalties?

    Oh, I think the DOP should have been Vincen LeForet, the impact would have been greater.

  13. Ha I know this guy – a great film maker and funny guy.

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