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Food & Wine

Creative Director: Stephen Scoble

Art Director: Courtney Waddell Eckersley

Director of Photography: Fredrika Stjarne

Photographer: Dave Lauridsen

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  1. Wow… very nice work. Clean and great compositions. I’m a new fan.

    • Agreed.

  2. My God, if you MUST publish this bullshit every day, can’t you at least put some effort into getting a version that doesn’t look terrible when presented online? Are you shooting these things with an iPhone or something? If you’re not able to professionally shoot these things yourself, I’ll bet the publishers would be delighted to get you a version of the copy that would look good online. Is making a phone call too much work?

      • you tell em rob

    • DD
      What a dipshit!! If you don’t like what you see feel free to NOT LOOK!

      • hey check the IP, it’s not me. I had nothing to do with it.

    • DD You Are An Idiot! It is quite clear that you don’t understand why “The Daily Edit”has been added. Until you can muster enough grey matter to have an IQ higher than a cat, learn and STFU!

  3. Like.

  4. Amazing…
    Good example that one can be a specialist in more than one category: portrait, architecture, food… really great, tasty, appetizing.
    And the layout is also wonderful. Recreation for the eye.

  5. very engaging layout and content

  6. Just to clarify, I don’t have a problem with TDE as a whole. Prior to this weekend, I was NEVER a negative commenter on APE, in-fact, you once featured MY photo writing in a post AND solicited advice from me in another. And I DO find TDE helpful to photographers getting into editorial. (Though obviously you don’t really care if any photographers find it useful or not, or even read the blog at all.)

    [ http://plain-glass.flywheelsites.com/2010/06/14/everything-you-know-about-concert-photography-is-wrong/ ]

    The Breakdown:

    LOVE the ones with interviews
    LIKE the ones that are interesting, not obvious choices
    DON’T LIKE the ones that are obvious choices with no commentary, or the illustrations.

    You and Heidi would have a great thing going if it was refined a bit and you listened to your readers instead of telling them to ‘fuck off’.

    Just one professional photographer’s opinion. Next time you are in NY lets HUG THIS SHIT OUT.


    • I’m not going to ignore great editorial just because you think it’s obvious.

  7. Okay so the food shot falls into one of F&W’s traditional shots. It is appealing and somewhat unique for this month, maybe even year, but I am sure that I can grab one of my issues from the last couple of years and find something similar. I am sure every one that reads it can say the same. It is not the point of the article nor the remainder of the photography. I like the portrait and the shot of the building, which what got me to read the article when I thumbed through for the first time. The shots were effective, isn’t that all that matters at the end of the day?

  8. What’s next? “Real World Estimates – Sex for Jobs” ?

  9. My comment is not about the article or photos but rather Gjelina itself.

    It has really extraordinary light and beauty inside the restaurant. There is so much dark wood and then these fantastic old fixtures, textures and natural light pouring in.

    I’ve sat in there, at the bar, camera by my side, wishing I could just go around shooting the people gathered there around 5pm with the western sun illuminating the brick walls and beautiful people dining there.

    Sounds hokey, but I had to say this.

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