Being Creative Doesn’t Mean Not Being Professional

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I’ll say this, making your photography, doing your art, is something that for a lot of people is a combination of technical skill, professional know-how, and personal dream and fantasy. Being an artist is this incredibly fantasized notion, and for a lot of people, it’s a place where they put their dreams. When you’re doing that, you tend to forget your practical business skills, or you tend not to think about bringing all the other skills you have to it. Because it’s about being “creative.” To put it in a concise term, being creative doesn’t mean not being professional.

–Ariel Shanberg

via Interview With Ariel Shanberg, Center for Photography at Woodstock.

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  1. When I read the interview, “tend to forget your practical business skills”is one of the most prominent points. I often think creative’s don’t use all of their knowledge, it does make the total package and culminates in the final result of what they do whether it is Photography, Sculptures, or even writing…well at least I know I forget frequently.