Creative Director: Rockwell Harwood

Contributing Photo Editor: Ashley Horne

Photographer: Christopher Griffith

Heidi: Of course the fish was dead. Was there anything challenging about that shoot for you? How did you get the fish to model for you?

Christopher: All this stuff got shipped to my studio in NYC 2 days prior to the shoot so storage is always entertaining, not to mention the smell.

The shoot was to be “whole” fish and the and then the Escolar arrived filleted because it grows to 6ft in length and it was impossible to get a whole fish shipped.

I refused to shoot fillets because they looked really dull but the skin was like leather and was great as a full page.

The adjoining image required impaling the poor creature head to foot with 1/2 inch armature wire, to facilitate the curve. Then glycerol on the skin to retain the sheen.

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  2. You couldn’t find a local vendor in NYC to deliver a whole fish? Not trying to be negative — it just seems like that shouldn’t be a big challenge in Manhattan. I’ve never tried ordering a big dead fish, so maybe it’s harder than I think.

  3. You guys spelled Ashley’s last name wrong. It’s Horne, not Home.

    • Thanks Samantha, its corrected.

  4. Beautiful…and nice wire work.

  5. I have to say this. It just seems a bit fishy. If the fish was filleted then how did it get put back together for the shoot. Second what is the fishes favorite, chips or champagne?

  6. it would be amazing if you did the ‘daily edit’ portion of your blog as a tumblr – i would love to have them pop up in my daily stream.

    aside from my busy body idea, i love, love your site.

    thanks so much for all the thoughtful work!


  7. Solid. The best marriage of photography and design of the daily edits so far, imo.

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