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W Magazine

Creative Director: Alex Gonzalez

Art Director: Anna C. Davidson-Evans

Senior Photo Editor: Caroline Wolff

Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

Styled by: Alex White

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  1. The value of this series is best considered as a collection and not just the individual posts. The diversity of concepts and photographic styles is a reminder that it is a big editorial world out there and has something for everyones style or taste. It is also interesting to see all the different website styles. Perhaps it needed a few copyright posts to make us appreciate the actual photography in this series.

  2. Fashion is all about trends, and at first I wasn’t liking this darkly saturated trend. Mert & Marcus do a lot of it (maybe started it?), and one day one of their editorials resonated with me, and now I like it.

  3. Super Zimmer

    Celebs make horrible fashion models. I hope this trend dies sooner than later. I blame Wintour.

  4. Love it too, in an eye candy kind of way. These images are a testament to all the great stylists, retouchers (esp. the retouchers!), first assistants, set builders, art directors and editors that were involved in this production…. uhh, and maybe the photographer as well.