The Daily Edit – Thursday

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Design Director: David Curcurito

Art Director: Stravinski Pierre

Photo Director: Michael Norseng

Photo Editor: Alison Unterreiner

Photographer: Nigel Parry

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  1. I love Nigel Perry’s work and this collaboration really rocks. This series is showing how broad the spectrum of editorial photography is – thinking back to the Nylon post.

  2. Yes… more like this, but…..
    Rob knew we’d all be hot for this one. But, Glenn’s comment above is right, and I believe I wrote it myself in the ‘Nylon’ daily edit posts: Editorial can be anything. This is good news: there’s room for all of us!

  3. Why make his hand look like one GIANT CRAB CLAW? Poor image IMO! The hand holding the drink is so distracting & awkward looking, while Mr. Craig fades into the background. Maybe the drink is being interviewd? Anyone could have been the photographer here.

    • This was shot with a fairly normal to long lens, so the hand looms about the same scale as his face, which is about right in absolute proportion. But I think it’s a good gesture for the portrait…. not to mention a damn cool way to hold onto one’s scotch. With all due respect, etc. etc., not everything needs to comply to the Portrait 101 Handbook.