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  1. I actually quite enjoyed with this Esquire cover.

  2. This is a great piece. Love the image and the levity.

  3. The copy is hilarious. Helen Mirren! Also the color registration showing, fantastic.

  4. I love Nigel Perry’s work and this collaboration really rocks. This series is showing how broad the spectrum of editorial photography is – thinking back to the Nylon post.

  5. Yesss, love this image and cover treatment. More like this please!

  6. Yes… more like this, but…..
    Rob knew we’d all be hot for this one. But, Glenn’s comment above is right, and I believe I wrote it myself in the ‘Nylon’ daily edit posts: Editorial can be anything. This is good news: there’s room for all of us!

  7. Love this image, but thought the interview was trying too hard to be off beat and therefore got too confusing.

  8. Like

  9. Great image.

  10. Love the treatment and image.

  11. Why make his hand look like one GIANT CRAB CLAW? Poor image IMO! The hand holding the drink is so distracting & awkward looking, while Mr. Craig fades into the background. Maybe the drink is being interviewd? Anyone could have been the photographer here.

    • This was shot with a fairly normal to long lens, so the hand looms about the same scale as his face, which is about right in absolute proportion. But I think it’s a good gesture for the portrait…. not to mention a damn cool way to hold onto one’s scotch. With all due respect, etc. etc., not everything needs to comply to the Portrait 101 Handbook.

  12. I love this cover. It catches my eye every time I see it on a news stand.

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