Design Director: Dean Seabring

Art Director: Valerie Seabring

Illustrator: Kevin Sprouls

Heidi: Is your reference material one single photograph, even for groups of people?

Kevin: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It will often happen that I’ll receive a group shot to which I must add a figure or two. These will usually get placed on either end, facing into the group, if possible. The tricky part here is to get the add-ons scaled correctly to fit into the grouping properly— this is accomplished by careful scrutiny.

About how long did this particular illustration take?

5 days.

How big is your original work? Do you work keeping in mind that these will be scaled down or are you working at 100%?

These typically get reproduced at 35-40% of original size. The drawing displayed here was probably 17.5″ wide in the original.

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  1. Interesting that no one is commenting, perhaps it is because there isn’t a photo for some people to tear apart. I think the page is a refreshing change from the usual corporate group shot.

    • A refreshing change, yes….. but it harkens back to the old Wall Street Journal illustrations. Remember?….before WSJ published photographs.

  2. I think it”s CamWow.

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