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  1. Love how the illustrations, type and photos work together.

  2. hmm, kinda gimicky!

  3. Like

  4. Wow, an article promoting tearing up the forests in a jeep.

    I guess one can believe that “art” doesn’t have moral content, but jeebus …

  5. I’m from WV, and besides the fight against criminal coal industry like Massey, the despoiling of the awesome natural environment in WV is despicable.

    And, no, I don’t like the cover anyway. The big, mean truck coming over the hill has been done a thousand times.

  6. An unfortunate subject and a really awful “illustration”.

  7. JeepBus Crisp!! There isn´t even any good intention behind this confusing… Ad?!
    Is the Jeep(c) wheeling the forest, or is the forest swallowing the Jeep(c)?.

  8. Great example of crappy photography, graphic design, typography and message all in one 2 page spread. That’s quite an achievement.

  9. If the idea of a creative design was to confuse the reader and offer no entry point and move the viewer on to something more compelling in the magazine….it worked great. Might make and interesting eye-track study….ahh maybe not.

  10. kind of thought it was an ad, not an article…

    but then again, the Advertorial “chinese wall” of journalism in magazines liek this has been broken long and wide for a long time…..

  11. Hmmm.. Something tells me this didn’t go over as well as intended. :-)

  12. Director of Photography and photoographer???? What did the DP turn on the headlights? OMG, it was Detroit and some lawyers that turned on the headlights. Tough job.

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