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Fortune Magazine

Creative Director: John Korpics

Photography Director: Mia Diehl

Photographer: Rodney Smith

Prop Stylist: Renate Lindlar

Heidi: How did you create the set? Did you have that wall paper specially made?

Renate: The wall was hand made, every single $100 bill (fake theater money) was hand pasted on four foam 4 x 8 boards along with the floor boards. It took an friend who is an experienced  fashion designer and knows how to  work precisely and patiently almost 2 days.

How did you construct the dress and affix the money to get such a perfect graceful hemline?

I made the dress by covering an existing bustier with bills, mostly by hand and for the skirt part I constructed one big piece of cotton fabric  like an apron. We sewed the fake bills on ribbons  and sewed the ribbons on the apron that we then just tied over a big crinoline to give it the luscious fullness and fall.

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  1. The story of the making of the photograph is a lot more interesting than the photo itself.

  2. I like the idea. Although, I’d like to see the dress set in an environment, rather than on a duplicate background. Doing so would prevent the dress from getting so lost among the myriad of bills in the image.

    This could be a cool addition to the blog, Rob.

  3. Good stuff Heidi – shows how anything can be done with a little creativity.

  4. I’m very umm very surprised.

  5. I absolutely love this photo. I create a lot of the garments I use in my fashion shoots so I understand how much patience is needed to make a photo like this one. Congrats!

  6. Whoa? Shot by Rodney Smith? Cool!!

    Fantastic concept and execution. It’s such a captivating piece, especially with repetition throughout the photograph; interesting too as it’s something I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise.

    I look forward to more of these posts in the future,

  7. I’d have to agree, the background story is more interesting. I bet it started as a better photo concept and then the “folks upstairs” got a hold of it.
    This idea is super Rob, keep them coming, before you know it you’ll have a photo DIY column!

  8. So who does get the final credit? Are the directors getting more important than the photographer? Like in cinema, noone knows the cameraman anymore but everyone knows the director. Is photography going that direction? I wonder..

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