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  1. This was very inspiring. Thanks for this.

  2. Very interesting, you forget how good some people were at crowding the frame in 6×6. Thanks !

  3. Reminded me of the movie Grumpy Old Men at times, but in a good way, in that you get to see these guys as real people. Bailey’s been out and about, on YouTube and having exhibits, and it’s nice to see Donovan, too, however reluctant he is about it. It’s an important legacy, and it’s great his son is working to preserve it. And while documentaries are great, I wish more photographers would write biographies, too. Real biographies. Like Helmut Newton did.

    • I meant Duffy of course, not Donovan.

  4. As an over-the-hill, grumpy old fart myself, I lament the day that such creative photographers and unique individuals as Duffy ceased to exist.

    Those who claim that we are now living in the most exciting time in photography should be forced to watch this. It puts most of the subjects that we all waste our time talking about to shame. This is what photography is all about, not the latest buzz words, concepts or equipment.

    The creative restlestness and originality that Duffy embodied should inspire us all.

    • Right on, Andrew.

  5. I think the only perception that I can’t agree with, is when Duffy said, ‘he thought a image was for the moment. It eventually ended up under some fish & chips’.

    I think that the great photographers see much differently than the average person. Yeah some joker can pick up a consumer camera and take technically good images. I don’t think they say much, which might be a bit of a pontification on my part.

    It takes a differrent person to see the moments, the greater signicance of a second here or there. I think those who proclaim to be professions, who have set up Best Buy or the local camera store are impetuous, it is a press of the shutter release for as many frames as they can till the buffer is full. If you observed Duffy, you saw him manipulate and directed with the vision to see the moment and then took the photograph.

    Personally I miss being around guys like Duffy.

    • ROB
      Thanks for a great start on Monday, an introspective way to get the week started and really take account of what we are doing.

  6. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it… Wow this really reinforces the “shoot what you love” quote & I guess at its peak one would simply find themselves in the fine art world… Its tuff to consider that your photographing musicians that corrupt society & actors in movies/sitcoms that dumb down society,
    basically destabilize & break up the family, this is well known in the psyops intelligence communitys…

  7. “Art photography is a very modern idea.” I loved this clip of a great photographer. However, Heinrich Kuhn (1866-1944), one of the early fathers of photography, worked to get photography accepted as art at the turn of the twentieth century. I will watch this again.

  8. “keeping a civil tongue up the rectum of a society that keeps you paid is an art which I was devoid of” – such a memorable quote.

    • I think all true artists are devoid of such a civil tongue :)

  9. Great photographer. Captured the spirit of those times

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