How about that. is giving out awards today for best photo blogs of 2011 and we nabbed one. In the write-up they mention “the blog’s loyal, smart, and vocal community is scarily well-informed and immensely helpful.” I completely agree that the comments are what makes this blog unique, so a big Thank You to all the commenters.

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  1. haha, well done!

    I new there was a reason I come here.

  2. Come for the MSM endorsement … don’t stay for correct spelling in the comments threads :p

  3. A well deserved award, thank you for your dedicated service.

  4. It had to be you

  5. Wow, that’s great. Congrats. There wouldn’t be the comments without good posts to comment about.

  6. well deserved nod / ink, kudos to you, Rob!

  7. Rob!
    Roscoes on me when we get a chance!


  8. Cool.. They obviously read all of my comments. :-)

  9. Congratulations, Rob (and crew) — very well deserved!

  10. Well deserved – Congrats!

  11. Two Thumbs UP!

  12. Nicely done and well deserved! Congrats Rob!

  13. and to think I come here for the crab cakes and bourgeois tittle.

  14. LIFE is still being published!???………I need to hit a newsstand one of these months.

    Congrats APE.

  15. Seems like a usual suspects list — but I suppose there is some value in being considered a usual suspect. So congrats.

  16. Congrats Rob

  17. Rob, I think it is a no brainer that if any awards are given out, that you should be the one. You provide subtle (not really) leading topics to get those who read you blog involved creatively and knowledgeably.

    I think a lot of us are waiting for a second outlet of your creative abilities in a more hold in your had tangible form. I could be way off here but you know, you are talented.

  18. Job well done!

  19. Well deserved sir! Congrats. You have worked hard and long at this – although nothing beats the first couple of months when you had everybody guessing who was the man or woman behind the curtain.

    • That seems like forever ago!

  20. You are welcome. ;)

  21. Congrats Rob! Hope there are more to follow, you deserve it!

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