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  1. Saw the show this past weekend. Low turn out and as displayed above, a pretty sad display of depressing and bad photography. Is there no one that has an original idea any more? Every photo show, every photo contest, the same images regurgitated over and over again. And all very poorly executed.
    … except maybe the guys on the sail boat.

    • @Brent, I’m sure original and good photographs are out there. It just seems that contests rarely pick them and stick with what they think is (I don’t know) and what others tell them is good. All based on what they have seen and therefor safe to pick without the fear of justification. Just a wild guess, but maybe a bit of a vicious circle.

  2. How long will this event be able to stick around? Turn out this year was dismal at best from what I saw. They need to take a few pages from the LOOK3 people on how to make a photo festival shine.

  3. I hate to be harsh but what the heck? the student catagory seemed to have more to it that any of the others did? Which makes me question those who don’t enter contests, why? I haven’t because I haven’t had the extra money of late to do so otherwise I would. I have seem some much better work out there but then again it didn’t show up here?

  4. Agreed, on the contest content. Selections seem a bit lazy, unless people are entering similar images/subject matter. Not a style I shoot in, anyway, so wouldn’t be worth it, I think, to enter.

  5. they should call this New York Photojournalism award…… nothing creative, same old stuff and style, is this supposed to be fine arts?

  6. The thrashing these images are taking is shocking to me.

    If you think this is all garbage, then I question whether you enjoy looking at photography.

    I think these images rank from competent, solid work to amazing.

  7. I entered. Turned out to be a waste.
    Live and learn.
    My work is totally different. Modern by my definition.
    So much for looking at anything Modern.
    Really was a rehash.
    Art show winners by committee and consensus. Nothing new there Really nothing new.

  8. Thank god someone already beat me to the punch. I didn’t want to say that but most of the photography sucked.

  9. Sad state of affairs here – I entered too so some of this is tinged by my usual sour grapes but what the heck? Heavy on the bogosity – the big winners in my category – fine art series – were pics of old developing trays – second place was bummed out people in rooms Lorca-DiCorcia style. I couldn’t even bring myself to look at third place. Total waste of my $ as, looking at the winners, it’s obvious I never had a chance, not because of the winner’s shining greatness, just cos the jury was going for conceptual art (as Kurt Vonnegut once wrote “a conspiracy between artists and rich people to make poor people feel stupid”) and imitations of what’s currently in vogue.

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