Time Inc. Reaches Deal With Apple

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Time Inc., the country’s largest magazine publisher, has reached a deal with Apple Inc. to make all its iPad editions free for print subscribers, marking a break in the impasse between publishers and Apple.

via WSJ.com.

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  1. Stil Skepykal

    So the iPad was supposed to open a brave new market opportunity for publishers that would increase readership and lower costs (i.e., printing costs). Now a subscription will include a print edition AND electronic access. Sounds like publishers have basically lowered their margins — they still have to produce a print edition and add an electronic access for the same money.

    I suppose there is still a possibility that electronic distribution could increase overall readership and subsequently profits. And maybe someday the publishers could try to phase out, or reduce, the print edition. But it sure feels like any windfall profits from electronic distribution will remain elusive for the immediate future. For publications already living on the edge that’s probably not good news.

  2. They’re going for market share of the iPad audience, to try to be the biggest newsmagazine on the iPad as fast as possible….

    In the process they may be messing up the market for other players….