The convulsive political protests in Thailand last year were the first violent breaking news story that Agnes Dherbeys has covered. She sought to bring the same empathy that characterizes her feature work to the often bloody street scenes in Bangkok.

Her approach has earned Ms. Dherbeys, 34, the Robert Capa Gold Medal Award from the Overseas Press Club of America. The medal honors the “best published photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise.” Ms. Dherbeys, a freelancer, was on assignment for The New York Times. “Her images are close-up, powerful and direct,” the citation said.


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  1. I was there filming video and can’t describe how brave this woman was to get these amazing photos. The picture of the man in black with the gun actually captures one of the few instigators of the use of live ammunition… The turn of events that moved the violence to a whole new level. To risk your life in order to try to tell the truth… that deserves an award for sure.

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