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  1. I like the cut of your jib, please subscribe me to your newsletter.

  2. That is a wonderful resource and minus all the usual fluff. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for posting this! It really made my day! Well said!

  4. Great post, very useful.

    There was a post here awhile ago about Mule Design and “creativity” or something like that got a lot of negative comments (including from me). Watching the video provided a much better context.

  5. although things are a bit different at where i live, this was enormously helpful..
    at least approach-wise.

    thank you


  6. This right here is the best recourse I’ve come yet across on APE


  7. Very good, very helpful, thanks for posting…

    I like this video clip from Harlan Ellison on paying the writer, similar idea, PAY ME!

  8. Sobering and professional advice. Thanks!

  9. There are lessons to be learned hear for the entire crew, not just the photographer. As a wardrobe stylist, I’ve always been surprised at how much trust is in our industry and how little is in writing. I’ll get hired for jobs with photographers out of town who I know nothing about, put thousands of dollars on my credit card for requested wardrobe, and “trust” that it will all work out. Luckily it has, but luck runs out. This was a good reminder that contracts never hurt and only help. All crew members need to get into the habit. I love the line, “Contracts take you out of being an amateur and make you a professional.” We all need to be professionally confidant about our fees and put it in writing. Thanks for the eye opener!

  10. xlnt post, thanks for the linakge here
    I passed it along to a few friends who i know will benefit from this

  11. This is great advice – however I fear some will use this as reason to either be greedy or a jerk. I like his response in the Q&A section about firing a client – contracts are not as much about “Us vs. Them” but spelling out expectations and what happens when things go south in order to have a good working relationship between client and service provider.

  12. nothing to see with firefox4

  13. Great video thanks for posting it. Hard not to feel like an idiot for all my poor negotiations. I need to meet some lawyers, contracts can be like the elephant in the room for me as an artist, but eventually one gets tired of working for free. I wish Mike was visiting my city so I could go to some live lectures art school failed to teach me any of this.

  14. Great stuff, thanks for posting. I’m struck by the amount of plaid clothing in the audience though, is plaid the new black in SF?

  15. This guy knows his shit and is dead on. Pay attention and use this “Just Good Advice”.

  16. Thanks Rob for this post. All of us self-employed “artists” should heed his valuable business advice.


  17. Because of this post/video, I just called a photographer and paid him from work he did in February. Even though I didn’t like the work, I still paid him today. I don’t like feeling guilty.

  18. very helpful and SOOO San Francisco annoying.

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