It is changing very quickly. A lot of European and American photographers are already represented here, and it is becoming very competitive. It is, however, a very good place for artists. The cost of living and creating art in China is low. The art produced here is very good and in keeping with the art trends of the West. This could be the next Williamsburg…

— Sanjay Kothari

via Wonderful Machine Photography Blog.

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  1. Just got an agent in LA, but been considering China myself.
    Any good resources for Chinese agencies? I have no idea where to start.

    • @rustam, Dear Rustam, I’m in Shenzhen China, If you need Chinese agent to help you purchase a reasonable goods, pls feel free to contact me.

  2. I hope Shanghai doesn’t become the next Williamsburg, unless they want poorly constructed glass box condos housing junior professionals in skinny jeans crowing out artists. Remember when Hipster wasn’t a dirty word? Remember when Williamsburg was artists, Hsidim and junkies? The artists are gone, moved to Sunset Park and Portland, leaving commercial art and shitty development in their wake. I hope the Chinese can learn from New York’s mistakes, but then again they have Weiwei in the klink right now.

  3. Would you have to live in China in order to have an agent in China…?

  4. If any of you who need a agent in China to help your international business, Pls feel free to contact me. I’m in Shenzhen, China

  5. Have you actually been to Shanghai? Williamsburg is nothing compares Shanghai.

  6. John,

    I live in Shanghai. You misunderstood what I said.
    In NYC artists move to some part of town where they can have a nice space
    to work in but soon the rents start going up. Then they have to move again to another area and so on. I was suggesting they could move to Shanghai instead.


  7. Had to clarify that the ” imperialism ” bit is the writer’s take on what I said.
    I think the Chinese are more interested in their own well being and see no responsibility towards the world as such. There are pros and cons in either case.

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