I’m a magazine editor, and this is the best time ever—ever!—to be on the creative side of the magazine business

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I can see the promised land—the green and verdant place where old and new media productively coexist, and everyone in publishing gets rich. I can see it.

With the proper application of imagination, magazines can do just about anything their resources and their inclinations allow.

via Publishing Executive.

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  1. Everyone in publishing gets rich? Sounds good. Is he raising rates to contributors to back that up?

    The possibilities with the convergence of media is fascinating – especially for the people being paid to play in the sandbox.

  2. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if magazines knew about all the great photographic artists’ portfolios, not just the pictures that emerge and are reproduced because they fit ideas for the magazines, but pictures that startle, made by dedicated brilliant artists who basically are more interested in personal investigations than commerce, who like to show others their work just to witness the response, who appreciate being able to sell their images, who practice, are hard working and dedicated, but in a ‘Darwinian’ sense have a better nose for visions than business. The new photographer of today seems most often better at engagement in commerce than in discovery, revelation, and refusal (a willingness to challenge the status quo). There is always refusal in great art. Our culture is not interested in great art and views refusal as a nasty reminder of some truth that needs to be hidden or contained.