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  1. I had to watch it twice, Micheal did such a good job with the time lapse scenes that I didn’t listen to what Sagan was saying. Interesting perspective on both parts.

  2. It kind of annoys me because NASA just did the same thing. And it makes much more sense the way they did it.

  3. *sigh*

    (Michael Marantz’s version is nice, but I think I prefer the imagery used in the YouTube link provided by Jonathan Waiter above: more varied, more topical.)

    • @dave einsel,

      That explains why this version is not even that good. But at least this version makes sense. And to the original creator, I love the music and message.

  4. Apologies. I meant to say the YouTube NASA piece was not commissioned by NASA.

  5. sorry to say so.. but we all need a sensor cleaning toolkit because otherwise our beautiful images, wether moving or not, will have dirty spots all over the place ..

    • @grubernd, I noticed that, too. And was kind of aghast… I actually see visible sensor spots on other photographers’ websites fairly often (surprisingly often), and I’m always kind of amazed — or appalled. Even if you don’t do much, if any, post-production or retouching of your work –maybe you even pride yourself on that fact– I think you at least need to do that much (i.e., as much as is required to remove visible sensor spots!).

  6. […] Photography I’m a fan of Carl Sagan so had to share this video that I found on the “A Photo Editor” blog today. If you click through to the original blog post, you’ll also find another […]

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