High speed camera moving high speed

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  1. Are we all watching the same video? The gushy accolades are odd.

    Anyway, current commercial ad use of this technique from the gear guru himself, Laforet:

  2. I worked along side a Red Cam Crew over the past year. The Red work can be seen at

    . The final will contain “hotspots” that will link to multimedia(my part). It’s a real clever technique. It’s just a little weird seeing eyes blinking.

    The moving still on its own isn’t enough, but what an interesting starting place. I never could get use to the AD calling for action and everyone freezing.

  3. I live in Bath so was looking for people I know, myself in there. So that made it interesting. Otherwise it looked incredibly familiar, just like a train arriving at Bath in July or August. And nothing more.

    In the UK, train spotters film different train runs – you can buy the DVD of the Bristol to London Paddington train (stopping at Bath Spa, Chippenham etc) – this is not too far different.