Things don’t replace things; they just splinter. I can’t tell you how exhausting it is to keep hearing pundits say that some product is the “iPhone killer” or the “Kindle killer.” Listen, dudes: the history of consumer tech is branching, not replacing.

TV was supposed to kill radio. The DVD was supposed to kill the Cineplex. Instant coffee was supposed to replace fresh-brewed.

But here’s the thing: it never happens. You want to know what the future holds? O.K., here you go: there will be both iPhones and Android phones. There will be both satellite radio and AM/FM. There will be both printed books and e-books. Things don’t replace things; they just add on.

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  1. 8 track and cassette tapes? DVD’s replaced VHS? And, Redbox and Netflix will replace video rental stores, if not already. Some technology does splinter, others are replaced by something better.

    • @Jeff James,
      A DVD is exactly the same as a VHS. You put it in a player attached to a TV. A DVD and a Cineplex are completely different experiences.

  2. I started with two portfolios and a printed promo. I eventually ramped up to 12 printed portfolios, 4 printed promo pieces per year, and a yearly sourcebook ad. Now I have a web site, and iPhone & iPad site, and a couple printed portfolios.
    In my case, new technology has most certainly ‘splintered’ everything. I need to maintain my images across multiple platforms now and it is a pain. That said, I love the iPad as a portfolio not because of the price (i gave into the price of self promotion and portfolios a long time ago), but because it is f-ing cool! It is possibly one of the coolest things to view images on I have ever seen. I don’t send it via messenger anywhere, but when I am on an appointment I take it with me. Just another piece of my arsenal.

  3. So when do they stop making film? Hopefully never, it’s still cool/fun/smart to use/do. Period.

  4. Loved this thought and hated it at the same time… hated it because it seemed to affirm that I personally have too much stuff. Wanted to share a link to The Power of Magazines ad that is currently running:

    As a tea drinker, I never gave instant tea a thought. (insert sarcastic smile here)

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