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  1. That was terrific. The glory days of colour photojournalism.

  2. […] is photojournalism!!!!! Now, this is photojournalism @ A Photo Editor – Burnett’s Last Cattle Drive . Enjoy!!!!!!!! __________________ […]

  3. That was truly fabulous. From the days when magazines printed more than celebrity gossip. Where did it all go wrong?

  4. Got me a hankerin’ for those good-ole-days….. and one of them steaks on the cattle drive.

  5. So much fun, thanks for posting. Burnett’s on the case: “I can be ready to leave this afternoon.”

    “He shot 120 rolls on this thing,” says the editor. Back then, you actually thought before releasing this shutter. That’s 4300-odd photos. With digital many people will shoot that in 3 or 4 days, and he was on it for a month (we think.) Did Dave ride a horse, too?

    thanks, Rob


  6. What a treat. And so great to see Guy Cooper!

  7. What a great film , about still using film, really enjoyed it.

  8. As the squeaky voice in question… yea.. while this was minorly reconstructed (as a final project for Behnam’s film class at SVA) all the inside stuff was accurate: 120 rolls, almost all of it Koda64, and yes,I rode an old mare.. named Lady.. or something like that.. shoulda had that Domke- saddle bag thing worked out, but it hadn’t been invented yet. I can tell you this: galloping on a horse, even an old mare, with an F2 and an 80/200 zoom banging on your hip every other stride made you long for a non existent hot bath at the end of the night. Ten, twelve, sixteen pages…. yes, used to happen with reasonable frequency.

    • @David B,

      Love your work.

    • @David B,

      Get a haircut, hippee!


  10. So much fun to see Guy in action. Overwhelmed with a range of emotion… elation, nostalgia… bitterness about the loss of a time and that set of values that brought me to this field in the first place… The basic dynamics of people handling physical images (Kodachrome slides, negatives, contact sheets… double-trucks) warm breathing human beings sitting around in the same room talking… someone who answers the phone… in person! all those yellow boxes and not a pixel to be seen! Human scale, just like cowboying.


  12. Nice video! So nice to see the group working so well together. Love the relationship between the editor and the photographer. Great mutual respect. Every photog needs an editor they can trust and this is a really great example of that.

  13. One of the best videos I have seen in a long time. Im feeling very nostalgic for film and teletype.

  14. This is terrific, thanks for posting! It makes me want to go grab my old Nikon off of the shelf and shoot some film.

  15. Here is a link to an interview David did earlier this year where he talks about still shooting film (as well as digi). I particularly love that he still shoots pics on the $30 plastic Holga 120 camera!

  16. Choice cut! Thanks for sharing. I suddenly feel nostalgic about all kinds of things…

  17. Fantastic!! It was also great to see Robert – one of the few influential teachers I have ever had. I can still edit chromes faster than I can edit in Lightroom. This must have been made around the time when Contact Press was founded???

  18. Wonderful, I love him! But you have to explain to the youngsters, what is seen in this film: the hair (!), the analogue cameras, the telephone, the telex machine, the negatives on the real lightbox, etc.. ;-)

  19. this is soooo good!

  20. I LOVE this… LOVE it!!! Thank you David for being willing to be documented, not just to document. It matters.

  21. as a retired AP photographer from Germany met David many times on big stories in the 1970 ies and 80 ies. Cannot imagine him on a horse though. I lived through all the eye ball and contact proof busisness and feel a little nostalgia, it was more difficult to edit negs (not transparencies). Enjoyed the video a lot

  22. Interesting insight into a world I’ve never experienced. A bit set up…but there are enough clues to imagine how the good ole days were a better space to practice photography. A year ago when I picked up nat geos from the 80s and 90s I was floored. The stuff was amazing…so indulgent. The slide film looked great and pristine. I suppose it is cost prohibitive, but I wonder what would happen to subscriptions if some magazine re-championed this kind of model.

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