Mike Kamber: Military Censorship

This exclusive audio slideshow interview featuring Michael Kamber is from BagNews. If you haven’t visited Michael’s site, where he provides analysis of prominent news pictures, take a look, it’s a daily read for me.

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  1. Freeman Zygote

    Thanks for your hard work under extremely difficult circumstances, and creating this slideshow in video format for those of us who’ve had the opportunity to see it. I wish you well in creating a book to preserve this recent history for all of those who have suffered through it–and others as well.
    I have dwelt with similar problems while directing an IRC South and SouthWest (Namibia) African political refugee project in what is now Botswana, 1965-66, and doing some photography as well.

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for documenting what is really going on in this world. I appreciate it. I had a friend in Jerusalem named Stephen Ellis who worked as a photojournalist on the west bank and Gaza. We used to drink together. I loved that man, he was from the southern U.S. somewhere. He was a wonderful but tormented soul. I am also a big fan of Don McCullins’ work, and have now a contemporary reference in your work. Take care out there, God Bless and keep it Real. Charlie