The Internet is fine. The advertising is f@#ked.

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Take banner ads, for example. They have an almost laughable overall clickthrough rate, with the notable exception of rich media and video banners. What does this tell us? That digitizing billboards is a tall order. Is this a shock? The equivalent is like throwing your average commercial for car insurance on YouTube and asking for it to perform the same way. Again, metrics indicate where people are, and what they do when they get there. The internet isn’t failing advertising, our insights are.

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  1. Well sure, but banner ads are also one of the few advertisements that want the user to interact with it. Maybe one day that will mean that large brands wont care about click through and that small brands will do something more creative than “trick the user into ‘shooting’ the right duck.”

    Either way it doesn’t help that many people have blocked (either physically or mentally) banner ads.

  2. Big orange slide

    Thanks for reposting!

    @ari – it’s true. Banners are like that inoffensive background music they play in supermarkets. You’re aware that it’s there, but you don’t much care to really tune in to it.

    Do we similarly disregard billboards? Does physical size prescribe more effective communication?

  3. Have you considered that possibly people are now better able to filter out what they don’t want (ads). As well as the fact that there is more signal to noise ratio (distractions) than every before (more supply less demand).

  4. Maybe it’s time the advertising people start asking the internet porn people for help. The smut peddlers figured out that banners don’t work ten years ago LOL