Why Chipotle Ditched Ad Agencies

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For Chipotle, advertising agencies have, for the most part, outlived their usefulness. The burrito chain has churned through four shops in five years, garnering it an unflattering reputation in adland, and even Mark Crumpacker, its chief marketing officer, admitted that Chipotle’s a tough client during an Advertising Week event.

via Advertising Age – News.

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  1. I found this quote quite interesting,
    “Mr. Crumpacker points out that the chain hasn’t added a menu item in 17 years and it also does not have a regular cadence of pricing promotions. For those reasons, he said, agencies’ experience with other fast food chains is irrelevant. ”

    The chain doesn’t seem to trust advertising and advertisers don’t seem to know how to break out of their box.

    • @Ari Litton, I think they should focus on building more referrals. Give a two for one offer if you bring in a new friend. Or hand out coupons when you eat there to give to someone else and get points towards a free burrito? A loyalty reward program – buy 10 get one free burrito deal?

  2. What’s Moe’s? Never heard of it. Alan you pay for quality. Do you know there stuff is from local farmers and mostly organic? I’ll pay extra for that and I don’t even think their food is expensive. A $6 burrito and I can’t even eat it all.

  3. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock*, but I’ve never even heard of Chipotle before.

    I might be a completely anecdotal ‘case,’ but that would seem to speak to some failure on the part of their marketing/advertising. (I just did a quick Google search and discovered there are indeed several locations in San Francisco — who knew?! Not that I’m going to run out and buy one of their burritos now…)

    I guess Chipotle has you to thank, Rob, for making me aware of their ‘product’; maybe they’ll compensate you with a coupon for a free burrito! ;)

    *I watch very little, if any TV (and on the rare occasions when I do watch television, I almost never watch/listen to ads).