Michael Bierut – I Don’t Consider Myself Creative

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Michael Bierut is a graphic designer and partner at Pentagram. He worked on the redesign of The Atlantic.

Here’s a great video where he talks about his creative process that I found on The Design Observer. I thought this quote was particularly poignant:

“I don’t consider myself creative. I don’t have ideas that I want to express that I make up myself. I can’t think of any personal projects that I’ve done. I just don’t work that way. The reason I became a designer is I wanted people to come to me with problems I can solve. I know how to do that, I can be creative then. I feel like I’m a doctor and I can’t just practice medicine on myself, so I need patients who are sick, the sicker the better in fact.”

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  1. First, he is definitely CREATIVE.

    Recently, I was handed my images back with a “that’s nice work for your clients, but what are you passionate about?”

    My response (in my head, of course)
    First, I am passionate about not ending a sentence in a preposition.

    Then, I am passionate about helping my clients tell their stories with better images. Michael has reaffirmed my belief that that is my Passion….Thanks Rob for sharing this video clip