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  1. From Christina Hoag’s AP story :

    “”It’s an unfortunate fraud,” said Bill Turnage, managing director of the Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. “It’s very distressing.”
    Turnage said he’s consulting lawyers about possibly suing Norsigian for using a copyrighted name for commercial purposes. He described Norsigian as on an “obsessive quest.”
    “We’ve been dealing with him for a decade,” he said. “I can’t tell you how many times he’s called me.”

  2. I had to laugh when this post popped up in my in box. I’ll take odds that Uncle Earls prints will now have some notoriety. He wont be famous like Ansel but hey a few days will work for some. Uncle Earl and Ansel are sitting together saying Rick Norsigian is “wishing on a star”.

  3. What a person won’t do for some publicity… but then again, who knows?

  4. My inner thrift-store-scavenging-self just cried a little bit.

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