Wired Introduces a Rich iPad App

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Condé Nast has worked with Adobe for about a year to develop software that integrates with Adobe’s popular publishing program, InDesign. The new software gets the magazine closer to something that now seems like a company mantra: “author once, publish everywhere.”

The add-on to InDesign, Mr. Dadich said, allows the magazine’s editorial team to easily move the print design into the iPad design and vice versa. Until now, Condé Nast’s apps relied on software developers, not the magazine’s design team, to put the content into an app. The Adobe add-on will be available for sale to other publishers.

via Media Decoder Blog – NYTimes.com.

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  1. Hopefully us mere mortal non-corporate people in the trenches will be able to afford this promising add-on to InDesign. I suppose that might mean waiting for CS6, in another 18 months.