Adobe Photoshop Day Cream

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  1. This is funny – or not. Probably its intention.
    Around ten years ago, I read a feature in Marie Claire where they showed a before, and then after make-up and again after air brushing ( this was before digital photography and photoshop) It was somewhat disheartening to realize the disparity between reality and the printed page.
    And for what it’s worth, I think Madonna looks better on the right!

  2. LOL, Lets see Hair restoration and coloring and lets add a few inches in height. LOVE it! Not that I don any of that stuff ………….

    Where do you find some of this stuff at Rob?

  3. anghiari

    Let’s not forget that Madonna at her current age probably colors her hair and has certainly had a nose job and possibly some face work done. So in some ways photoshopping these folks is just an exstension of the message they have already sent…they do not want to look their age. I think magazines, plastic surgeons, etc…reflect the society…women are sending their 16 year old daughters for plastic surgery. Few women can fathom the idea of allowing their hair to gray gracefully…You rarely see a 50-60 year old woman who has allowed a gray to spring naturally from her head…I love to see fashionable women with gray hair…

    So why wouldn’t beauty product manufacturers and beauty magazines reflect the mood of most women…they do not want to look their age.