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  1. Whenever I see Meacham I get the feeling that it’s TV where he really wants to be and that he’s always auditioning to be the next Charlie Rose. I doubt he sees his long-term future solely in print and probably not at Newsweek, but it’s a nice platform for now.

    • @john mcd.,

      Mark this date because it may be the last time we ever see the words “long-term future” and Newsweek used in the same sentence.

  2. “Much was made of the Economist’s intellectual appeal and its point of view … With its anonymous, opinionated tone, it plays well to sheepishly provincial Americans.”

    “Sheepishly Provincial Americans” This is the real problem … and it is getting worse.

  3. I couldn’t finish the day out with knowing if my understanding of the definition of the Sheepishly Provincial American was right. So I went to good old Merriam Webster and looked it up and this is what it gave me.

    ” A native or inhabitant of North America or South America or citizen of the United States who is a person of local or restricted interests or outlook , and lacking urban polish or refinement thus showing embarrassment caused by consciousness of a fault .”

    I had to delete what my definition of “Sheepishly Provincial Americans. “

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