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I’m a little bit sheepish about the fact that these guys who spent all this money to attend art school then taught me how to make my pictures. But I think knowing how you want something to look is more important than being able to make it. There will always be people who can tell you how to make something happen.You have to have the content in your head.

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  1. I don’t get the rant on digital. If you know how to use your tools, you can accomplish so much more artistically than you ever could with film, where you are somewhat locked into what the chemists decided years ago.

    “Digital colors”…heh. wow.

    Knowledge is power.. and creativity.

  2. aphotoassistant

    I can’t help but think that a lot more photo assistants would find work as photographers if they stopped doing all the technical work for photographers that didn’t know the craft. Of course, we might see an overall decline in the quality of images…..I think the combination of technical skill and creative vision in the same person is quite rare.

    • @aphotoassistant, Glad to hear that a bunch of photogs don’t know what they’re doing…. I enjoy the creative and the technical and do all my own technical tweeking in order to achieve my vision…