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  1. I never met Loni but to me I feel sad for such a young person to pass away. My prays go out to her family and friends she leaves behind.

  2. I actually created that FB page for Loni. Never had the pleasure of meeting her in person but got to witness her vivacious spirit over the phone and through all of her pictures and emails. What a magnificent soul.

  3. It is sad to see disease take away such a wonderful women!

  4. I was extremely fortunate to have worked with Loni on so many levels over the course of 13 years. She was a great friend. It was she that introduced me to the possibilities of going deep into the look of things and where to find it. She never let you see her sweat and being a print producer for a living is one tough job to maintain. Doors opened for Loni like no one else because she respected and showed kindness to everyone equally. This unselfish act to me imparted an impossible act of kindness to the art. Most importantly she was born with a fine photographer’s eye. I will miss her.

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