UPDATE: April Fools.

This may just be the big breakthrough Kodak needs. Who doesn’t look at a picture and think “man, I wish I could smell that”… ok, Nachtwey probably isn’t thinking that, but whatever this is some cool shit. More (here).

Picture 1

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  1. The technology has actually been around for a long time. Scratch any photo of Kurt Cobain and it Smells Like Teen Spirit…

  2. Definitely April Fools… right?

  3. Yeah, if you read to the end, it’s clear this is a joke.

  4. Kodak is still in the photography business?

  5. And I thought the previous post on Mariano Pastor was the April Fools joke…

  6. So many product/company April fools and more and more each new April 1st. Does anyone else find this really strange? That people get “excited” about a product announcement as a way to be “fooled” on April 1st? Not that this Kodak product probably fooled anyone here, but I’ve been getting emails today about this or that being announced today that a few believe at first. Is it because the internet is so consumer driven or is it because the society now product obsessed that people might actually get disappointed for a moment when a dream product isn’t true and thus fooled?

    At least none have fooled me (yet) this year. The best so far I’ve seen actually tricking people at first was the annoucment of VIDEO RAW format for Canon 5D II:


    ..and I only think people where fooled because there has been so much wanting talk for this and also that Philip posted this at midnight England time and so it was the 31st still in the US.

  7. Isn’t ANY product announcement from Kodak an obvious April Fool’s Joke?

  8. I wonder if a better April fool joke would’ve been an announcement that Kodak’s stock value is up.

  9. Good thing their film doesn’t stink….lol.

  10. This technique will revolutionize the Porn industry.

  11. Is the new film called Kodaroma?

  12. Those ink cartridges must be really pricey.

  13. Hey I started using the new ink last month it is great! A bit pricy but my customers don’t mind paying a bit extra to smell the earthy sweaty fragrences of themselves.

    The girls really like the sweaty Zach Efron photosthat I get when I am out shooting some photos for TMZ.

    The one I have been having a problem with is when I shoot a mojito, comes out smelling like key lime pie.

  14. Funny thing is that what use to be the worst thing about medium format photography with film, was that Kodak tape tabs did not taste good. I always thought the Fuji medium format rolls had a better tasting tape.

  15. The technology has actually been around for a long time. Scratch any photo of Kurt Cobain and it Smells Like Teen Spirit…

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