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This is super cool. Two of my favorites, Joel Sartore and animals on seamless.

and BTS:

and more on Joel:
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thx Shannan.

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  1. Amanda Sosa Stone

    You mention Joel Sartore and I am all EYES! One of my most favorite talents in our industry (soul and talent)! THANK YOU JOEL FOR SHARING!

  2. Terrific videos and what a “rare” treat to see the behind the scenes as well as the final product. Nothing is as easy as it looks!

  3. Nebraska’s Own….they don’t come any more talented or gracious.

    No better example of a photographer who shows you can live anywhere you like and pursue a career at the top of your field.

  4. Joel is the best. This is just wonderful, glad to see he’s exploring video now. You should also know his wife Kathy composed the piano score for this. Amazing.

  5. Ephing phenomenal!! (Although I was a tiny bit worried for the tiny hedgehog who appeared to run off the shooting table into the void at one point…)

    Thanks for also including the touching video piece about Joel’s and his wife’s ordeal with breast cancer; I myself know too many women who’ve waged that gruesome battle.

    May we find a cure for cancer, and may we wake up from our years of destructive ‘sleep’ and save as many species as possible from extinction…

  6. congratulations to the epk crews here and everywhere as often this footage is at least as interesting as the finished work but not complete without out it either~


    • A Photographer

      @Andreas Jakwerth,

      James Balog did it before Zuckerman as did Richard Avedon with people. I’d say a good majority or working pros have shot against white no-seam to isolate a subject. Zuckerman is very good at what he does. He is not the first and not the last to approach a subject this way. Joel is doing important work and that should not be diminished by comparisons to other photographers or techniques.

  7. Thank you for sharing these videos, especially the deeply personal one about Joel’s wife. We should all watch this every day as a reminder to be grateful for what we have.