Time Warner’s Bewkes: perform or hit the road

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Of course, he stressed, he expects the publishing division to show earnings growth and make significant progress in its digital transformation. Long story short, Bewkes will hold on to Time Inc. — or any other asset — “if it fits Time Warner.”

But what if Time Inc. doesn’t meet his objectives?

“If they can’t,” he said with a shrug, “they’re better candidates for private ownerships.”

via Jon Friedman’s Media Web – MarketWatch.

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  1. Well that’s one way to make things work, I am just curious how thye are going to maintain revenue if they give away the reader side of time and people on line or did I misunderstand what was said in Freidman’s article. I would assume you have have to have at least a small fee for subscription to each of the mags like People or Time.

    Off the subject of print media for a moment, if Bewkes thinks CNN is middle of the road, yeah right! Get rid of Wolf Blitzer and maybe you will get to the middle.