News Corporation on ‘cusp of digital dynasty’

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“Excuse the immodesty but News Corporation’s pre-eminence as a content creator comes as the debate over the primacy of content is over,” he said, referring to his campaign to get consumers to pay for online news and entertainment. “Content is not just king. It is the emperor of all things electronic. We are on the cusp of a digital dynasty in which our company and our shareholders will profit greatly.”

via The Australian.

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  1. Part of News corps sucess is the fact they are selling a product that is controversial. Fox news gets uder the skin of a lot of people.

    If you also look at Murdoch’s holdings at news corp., there is not a lot that we see here in the US as far as content. I haven’t read the post lately nor the WSJ so as far as content production……. the other rags are not even published here in the states other than “News America Marketing” and the noteworthy “Vogue Austraila”….time will tell, maybe he can give a clue to Conde Nast

  2. I’ve heard and read the refrain ‘content is king’ many times. I’m just not sure it’s true. I’m more of the belief that distribution is king. Distribution controls the flow and availability of content. If content was king, than photographers, not the media companies, would rule the day.

    All content, good or bad, needs distribution to be seen, heard or read. So without distribution you could say that content doesn’t even exist.